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The Chicken

We know fresh is better, therefore, we never freeze our chicken! It is delivered to us fresh every morning. In fact, we hand cut the chicken, marinate it for 12 hours, hand bread it then fry it in 100% canola oil. When cutting the chicken we ensure that we are using the entire chicken so nothing goes to waste. It takes extra time, but it’s worth it.

The Potatoes

Who doesn’t like fries? We take pride in the fries we serve! Daily house cut fries to ensure freshness that are double fried for that extra crunch! We use burbank russet potatoes for our in house cut fries.


The Veggies

Don’t love veggies? You will once you try ours! All of our salads are made in house and our signature kimchi is fermented by mom for 30 days!!

As 엄마 (eomma) would say “eat your greens.” 

The Sauce

What is your go to sauce when you think of eating Korean Fried Chicken? Sweet? Spicy? Cheesy? Don’t-cha worry we got-chu covered!  From our dad’s famous Korean spicy BBQ sauce to the Garlic Soy with a balance of sweet & salty to our popular Cilantro Lime – your taste buds will be dancing!

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The Formula

The secret to our formula is simple: made with love and care. At SFC we take pride in what we serve and in order to do that we ensure that everything is done with love and perfection. We want each piece of chicken to have the perfect amount of seasoning.

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